Are you curious about the many opportunities that the Aviation industry has to offer? Are you already in industry and want to share our amazing world with the next generation?

Zara Dennis, Pat Urquhart, Dan Forssman - Lilydale Airport.jpgSci-Fly's network across many of the GA aerodromes in SE Australia, along with our involvement with Women in Aviation Australia, means that we are able to over much more than just the hands-on STEM, classroom activities, incursions, pilot meet and greets, hanger tours, etc. we offer here. If you would like to find out more about working in the world of aviation and the many aviation roles available, then why not get in touch with WAI members across the industry via the WAI mentoring and networking group.

Our network includes GA and RA pilots, flying instructors, air traffic controllers, airline pilots, air safety investigators, ADF pilots (fixed wing and helicopters), aeronautical engineers, aviation maintenance engineers, and many more! From sharing photos and stories of their everyday lives, members will be happy to chat about how they got there, what they do in their aviation roles, and answer any of your questions.

To get involved, simply request to join the Facebook page and one of the WAI Mentors will be in touch.

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