Articles and presentations from the Sci-Fly team and our partners, plus other items of interest.

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Bringing Music to The Outback

During the late 70’s and early 80’s pilot and music teacher Russell Hammond was a pioneer of airborne outreach, providing an airborne education service as a music teacher. The Priority Country Area Program summarised the scheme as an “innovative and unique response to the difficult problem of providing such a service in remote areas where distances are formidable and in so doing has given the participants a new vision of the quality of life”. Some three decades later, this inspirational statement beautifully encompasses the Sci-Fly STEM Outreach endeavour.

Women Airline Pilots 1978

There is huge support today to help budding female aviators achieve their dreams, including our partners Women In Aviation Australian Chapter Incorporated and their wonderful mentoring scheme, but the gender imbalance is still a significant one. This article from 1978 illustrates some of the challenges, and makes a rather interesting historical read.

Launching a STEM Airborne Outreach Program

The May/June 2017 Edition of Aviation for Women International published an article written by Sci-Fly Industry Coordinator and WAI Australia National President Tam Augostin. Tam talks about our STEM Outreach goals, and involvement at The Avalon International Air Show. With more than 100 guests and VIPs in attendance at the gender diversity event, Avalon provided some wonderful exposure for WAI and Sci-Fly to the aviation industry both nationally and internationally.

Sci-Fly's 1st Birthday

Published in the Autumn 2018 AWPA (Australian Women Pilots' Association) Newsletter, our founder Dr Zara Dennis, along with outreach pilot and classroom assistant Scott Jessett talk about Sci-Fly's first birthday, and an eventful trip to Barwon Heads Airport. A year in, we think it's fair
to say that Zara's infectious passion for science and flight is rubbing off, and it's wonderful to see her innovative "flying science teacher" concept coming to life.

NVFR - An Update on The Flying Science Teacher's Flight Training

One of the most inspiring things about Sci-Fly's founder is her own love of teaching and learning. Be it sharing her infectious passion in the school science lab, drawing on her experience as a research scientist and pilot, or the constant endeavour to learn more herself, Zara's ongoing training sets a wonderful example to her students.

Characteristics of General Aviation Pilots Involving Mature Male and Female Pilots

A paper published by Baker etal. (2001): Crashes of General Aviation (private) aircraft claimed an average of 652 lives annually between 1995 and 1999, accounting for 85% of all aviation deaths in the United States. Gender differences in crash rates of general aviation pilots resemble differences in motor vehicle crash rates of drivers, with male rates per thousand pilots or drivers exceeding female rates ... The objective of this study was to determine whether male and female pilots differ in the circumstances of their crashes and the types of pilot errors involved.