An Uplifting New Year

Newton, Bernoulli, and Coanda = Nerf Guns, ping-pong ball launchers, and spoons!

Up Lifting Sci-Fly Program - Jan 23 (2).jpegIt’s no secret that Dr Zara “Zee” Dennis’ early conversations back in mid-2016, with PrimeSCI! director Prof Pat Vickers-Rich, was one of the pivotal moments in getting her pioneering idea off the ground. The ongoing collaborative partnership between Sci-Fly STEM Outreach and PrimeSCI! (the joint venture using the name FlySCI) has seen school holiday programs held at various locations every school holiday since its inception.

Jan 2018 thus continued the trend, with Zara working closely with Heather Greenwood and Megan Hough, two of the PrimeSCI! team members based at Swinburne Wantirna, to come up with the brand new “Uplifting” session. Zara was keen to expand on the existing “Forces of Flight” session with a more in depth look at the Physics involved in producing lift. Specifically the connection between Newton, Bernoulli and Coandă (you can download the session handout HERE). Working together with Heather and Megan, each of the Physics principles was linked to a practical activity, ensuring the hands-on element of every Sci-Fly and PrimeSCI! was maintained – something both groups pride themselves on.

We don’t just teach Science/STEM, we do it!

A highlight certainly for all involved was the fun had with the Bernoulli bags, as seen in the photo above, with Zara gleefully challenging a volunteer to see who could blow up the bag the fastest. Even giving the unsuspecting junior aviator a head start, Zara of course won the challenge, posing to the group that just maybe she knew something they didn’t… We won’t spoil it here; there are many more kids out there to make wonder, enlighten, and inspire!

Up Lifting Sci-Fly Program - Jan 23 (1).jpeg