Giving Kids The Joy of Flight

“Giving kids the joy of flight” was the local newspaper headline following the FunFlight day held at Goulburn Valley Aero Club (GVAC) on the 28th of October in Shepparton, Vic. One of 15 clubs who participated in the charity events, held simultaneously across the country. FunFlight was established to provide children touched by adversity, with joy and inspiration through the exhilaration of flight.

You can read the full Shepparton News article HERE.

Sci-Fly STEM Outreach at YSHT FunFlight.png

‘‘At the end of the event there were many thanks, handshakes and hugs from all the families with some vowing to return to gain their own wings in the near future,’’ said GVAC president Lucy Simpkin. Meanwhile Sci-Fly’s Dr Zara Dennis was on the ground running a number of Aviation themed science experiments for the children and their families as they awaited their flight. As Zara said, “It is a privilege to be involved in these events” after she flew up from Lilydale for the day especially to help out. “I don’t have the required hours to be a pilot at these events just yet, but seeing the enthusiasm and smiles of the participants is infectious, I'm sure I soon will be”.

For more information about FunFlight you can visit their website