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YLIL - April 4 (7).jpgA huge amount of time and dedication goes in to all of our programs and resources.

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Click on each of the links below for a downloadable Pdf file. All of these resources are provided free for educational use, and maybe freely shared provided acknowledgement to the the original source is provided.

Paper Plane Instructions

Paper planes are great fun for kids and big kids alike. One of our popular Sci-Fly session challenges is for students to use their new knowledge of aircraft control surfaces, to modify a standard paper plane design into an aerobatic stunt plane. Why not download this set of instructions to get you started!

WAI Aviation Education Activity Kit

Shared with permission from Women in Aviation International, enclosed are activities that explore various facets of aviation from the aerodynamics of flight to aircraft parts and aviation terms. All activities have been tested and are best suited to middle school students, they are however appropriate for all ages.

Water Bottle Rockets

This document has been designed as an assessment task for Y10 Physics, complete with student worksheets and theory questions based around Forces and Motion. It can be used in its own right, or as a supplement to the Year 10 Physics lessons which are also available to download.

Year 10 Physics - Forces and Motion

Developed by Sci-Fly STEM Outreach for WAI Australia, and funded by the Growing Tall Poppies Program, these resources are provided for educational use across Australia and beyond. A series of six curriculum matched Year 10 Physics lessons, ready to go, including quiz questions and mini pracs.

1) Speed, Velocity and Acceleration

2) Equations of Motion5-14.png

3) Newton's Laws of Motion

4) Work and Energy

5) Efficiency and Power

6) Momentum and Collisions

My Model Plane

Want a miniature version of your favourite aircraft? My Model Plane are a Melbourne based company, who produce miniature aircraft construction kits. The mini profile kits are available for purchase through their online store, and we hope to be using the designs in a future Sci-Fly STEM Outreach workshop.

Where material has been developed by Sci-Fly STEM Outreach specifically for WAI, several years of in school experience has been combined to produce the content. From profession reading and curriculum development to informal discussions and impromptu learning moments. We thus acknowledge everyone who may have contributed to this pool of knowledge. If for any reason you feel any content has been used unfairly please let us know and we will either immediately remove it, or add the correct acknowledgement upon notification.

All artwork used in material developed by Sci-Fly STEM Outreach has been produced especially for this purpose by artist Saran Kim.